Case Study: FP Canada

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Project overview:

FP Canada, incorporated on in 1995, is a professional standards-setting and certification body for the financial planning industry in Canada. FP Canada ensures the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professionals and FPSC Level 1 certificants in Financial Planning meet appropriate high standards of competence and professionalism through rigorous requirements of education, examination, experience and ethics.

With approximately 17,000 Certified Financial Planner professionals in Canada, FP Canada is the foremost authority for the financial planning profession in Canada, in concert with IQFP in Quebec, continually developing, delivering and enforcing the highest competence and ethical standards.

FP Canada came to Yardstick looking to transition from a paper-based exam administration to computer-based delivery for its FPSC Level 1 Examination (multiple-choice) and the CFP Examination (multiple-choice with constructed response). They were seeking a vendor that could support this transition and securely manage and deliver their exams across dozens of Canadian locations during specific exam administration windows.

FP Canada was also looking for a robust, intuitive online constructed response marking system for the CFP examination. They also wanted to provide online resources for candidates, such as practice tests and tutorials.

What we did:

With minimal lead time, Yardstick migrated all paper-based examination questions and configuration requirements to the Yardstick Measure™ platform. Yardstick launched the FP Canada online exam administration in June 2012. For the CFP Exam, skilled FPSC markers used Yardstick’s marking application, RedPen™ to mark constructed response questions.

As part of the transition, candidates also gained access to tutorial and practice quizzes and used Measure’s robust online booking system to schedule their exams.

FP Canada and Yardstick have formed a strong partnership in which exams are delivered securely and to the highest standards possible. Since that first administration, Yardstick worked with the client to add many enhancements, ensuring the best possible experience for FP Canada, markers and the candidates.