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Most exam owners are concerned about the effectiveness of their testing program. Don’t worry. With Yardstick, you can be confident that every element of your program – from development of the exam to delivery and psychometric analysis – is valid, reliable and secure. Because that’s what we’re passionate about: helping you create assessments that move people forward.

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Test Expertise At Your Fingertips

We get it. It can feel like there are dozens of questions (and maybe a few unknowns) when it comes to exam development and delivery. With Yardstick, you have a partner that works directly with you, using decades of industry expertise to answer all of your questions and help you reach your testing program goals. You can learn more about all of our services below.

Assessments Performing Their Best

Our psychometric experts help develop, validate and analyze every element of your testing program so you can be confident that your candidates are competent and qualified.

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A Secure and Consistent Exam Delivery Experience

Whether delivered in a test center or via remote proctoring, you can be confident that your partner is an expert in exam administration – in any testing environment.

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Reach Candidates Worldwide and Grow Your Program

With online proctoring, powered by ProctorU, candidates can test from the comfort of their own home while you can have peace of mind, knowing your test content is secure.

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IT Services
Healthcare Services
Financial Services
Other Certifications and Licensure
Academic Admissions and Language Testing
State and Federal Government
Corporate Assessment Programs

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We’ve partnered with more than 250 organizations to deliver more than 20 million exams. We have created a unique testing solution for each of our partners; let us show you how we can do the same for you.

Want more effective exams? Need a better delivery system? Looking to grow your program? No problem. You can do it all with Yardstick.