Exciting news! Yardstick is becoming Meazure Learning. You can continue browsing getyardstick.com for now, but all public content will be migrated to MeazureLearning.com. Don't worry, we'll automatically redirect you where you need to be.
Exciting news! Yardstick is becoming Meazure Learning. You can continue browsing getyardstick.com for now, but all public content will be migrated to MeazureLearning.com. Don't worry, we'll automatically redirect you where you need to be.

Our Meazured Approach

It's time to level up your testing solutions.

We believe every partnership should be grounded in trust and transparency. Meazure Learning was established when Yardstick and ProctorU joined forces, creating the most comprehensive, full-service online test development and delivery solution available. With us, you gain a partner with decades of testing experience paired with best-in-class testing software and the world’s leading online proctoring services. We will walk with you through every step of the exam process, showing you the “hows” and “whys” to a customized solution. Isn’t it time for your testing program to reach the next level?

A Fresh, New Perspective: Transparency in the Psychometric Approach

Allow us to introduce you to the Assessment Life Cycle, a phrase and illustration coined by Yardstick psychometricians to help simplify and visualize test development. This process is cyclical, not linear. Through our seven-step method, we demystify the testing process so you can be confident in your exam results, whether you’re a seasoned psychometrician or new to the testing world.

Stage 1: Content Definition and Test Blueprinting

We start by getting to know your testing program and your goals. This lays the foundation for the test blueprint and all the following stages of the Assessment Life Cycle. This first and vital step in test development ensures your exam is valid, fair and defensible. 

Our specialized services include: 

  • Competency profiling and job task analysis 
  • Surveys and consultation 
  • Developing test specifications/blueprints 

Stage 2: Item Development

Our team of psychometricians will coach you through the item writing, analysis, editing and review process so you can fill your item bank with questions that have been vetted and tested before being used in your exam.  
Our specialized services include: 

  • Item analysis review for existing exams 
  • Item writing workshops and guides 
  • Professional item development 
  • Item development project management 
  • Item translation services 

Stage 3: Exam Assembly

The puzzle pieces have been created, now it’s time to put them together. Our team will help you create exam forms that fit all necessary specifications. Looking for an automated solution? We can do that too, with the Meazure Exam Platform.

Our specialized services include: 

  • Automated test assembly (ATA) 
  • Facilitation of the examination validation process 
  • Practice test development

Stage 4: Test Administration

It’s imperative that your high stakes exam is administered in a way that securely and consistently handles highly sensitive information. Our exam administration team handles everything from candidate management, test center and proctor management, online administration with online proctoring and more. Flexibility and customization to meet your program needs is key in this stage. 

Our specialized services include: 

  • Paper to computer-based transition 
  • Collusion detection 
  • Test center network 
  • Remote proctoring services 
  • Meeting accreditation standards 

Stage 5: Item and Test Analysis

Our team of psychometricians will review the results of your exam to ensure that both the exam as a whole and each item work as they should. Based on our findings, we will consult with you to determine whether to keep, revise, or remove questions for future tests.  

Our specialized services include: 

  • Classical Test Theory (CTT) item analysis 
  • Item Response Theory (IRT) item analysis 
  • Differential Item Functioning (DIF) analysis 

Stage 6: Scoring and Reporting

Scoring can be automated through our software, but our psychometricians will work with you to develop a scoring plan to ensure accuracy and efficiency for high-stakes exams. The reporting of these results is highly customized for each partner to break down and report detailed information.  

Our specialized services include: 

  • Redundant scoring using different forms of software to ensure accurate calculations 
  • Statistical equating between examination forms 
  • Customized candidate, school, and national results reporting 

Stage 7: Standard Setting

Pass or fail? That is a critical decision that can affect the lives of the people your candidate is going to serve. We work with you to set a cut score that is informed by the knowledge and skills that your examination is meant to assess. 

Our specialized services include: 

  • Consultation and training on various standard setting methods (e.g., Angoff, Ebel, Bookmark, Borderline) 
  • Facilitation of standard setting sessions with subject matter experts 

Now that you know a little more about our approach, we want to get to know you! Get started with a walkthrough of our Assessment Life Cycle.