Measure Exam Delivery Software

Built for every stage of your exam.

Measure is an intuitive, client-facing testing software for every stage of the exam process – design, planning, delivery and reporting – all in one.

Reach More Candidates Without Choosing Between Security and Convenience

Exam Development & Management

With Measure, you can manage every step of the exam creation and assembly process from item development and management of item banks, to the assembly of static or rules-based forms, all in one place.

Item Banking

This is item banking reimagined. You can map competency frameworks by customizing item bank hierarchy and then use Measure as a workflow management tool to ensure that only vetted and approved items make it on your exam. Administrators also see items formatted in the exact way candidates will see them on the exam, so you can be confident that they’ve been formatted correctly. Better yet, because your item bank lives on the same platform as the exam driver, you can publish forms whenever you want without the hassle or expense of “publishing fees.” But if you’d like for us to handle it, we can do that too.

Online Exam Delivery

Unlike other exam drivers, Measure is totally customizable. Manage exam settings like locked or toggled questions, exam time, time reminders, cut score, competency areas and more. Extra accommodations and additional resources can be added like calculators, note pads or necessary links. Plus, Measure can generate immediate feedback and provide a detailed diagnostic report, if you choose to do so. Want to take it a step further? Measure is fully integrated with ProctorU online proctoring, so you can increase exam security and ensure your candidates have a seamless experience.

Candidate Management

Candidates can set up profiles with any and all necessary information of your choosing, purchase and schedule exams, and view their test results.


Whether you need data spreadsheets or visualizations through graphs and charts, you can access completely customized reports and export them through Excel or .csv files.

Testing Software Paired Perfectly For Your Needs

Branded to your organization’s brand standards
Customizable administrator dashboards
Permissions-based roles and access for increased security
Commerce tab for price settings and purchasing options
Communicate directly with candidates

Online Testing Software With 24/7 Accessibility

At Yardstick, we’re not the gatekeepers of your exam. We believe our partners should have 24/7 access to their exam content, candidate information and reports. Instead of contacting a support center and requesting information, we made Measure as a client-facing, easy-to-use platform, so administrators can access their information at any time.

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