Elegant, modern, easy-to-use testing software.

Designed to support every stage of exam design, planning, and delivery.

Yardstick Measure™ is designed to support every stage of exam design, planning, and delivery.

From item generation and blueprinting to candidate booking and collusion detection, Measure™ is your exam delivery powerhouse.

Exam delivery
Item authoring
Item banking
Flexible exam creation
Intuitive candidate interface
Candidate management and booking
Workflow functionality
Data security

Exam management.

Measure™ is elegant, modern and secure, designed to seamlessly align with your brand and strengthen the systems and processes you already have. It stores items, tracks candidate accounts, coordinates bookings, and helps you generate sophisticated exams and reports, for 150 candidates or 10,000, when the stakes are high or low.

Exam delivery.

Measure™ stores items, tracks candidate accounts, coordinates sales, and helps you generate sophisticated exams and reports. With Measure’s™ intuitive interface, candidates have everything they need to have a seamless exam experience. They can take notes, bookmark questions, access pre-approved online resources, manage exam time, and even change text size or language.

Features of Measure ™

Exam delivery

A modern and intuitive user interface meets state-of-the-art functionality. Measure™ supports exams of any size, delivered in any location, from practice tests and small-scale remote exams to high-stakes certification and licensure assessments for thousands of candidates.


  • Customizable Candidate Statement of Understanding
  • Locked Down Browser application
  • Copy/paste restriction
  • Intuitive question navigation and presentation
  • Integrated visual aids and resources
  • Bookmarking
  • Automatic saving
  • Optional timer

Item authoring

Measure™ provides a seamless item editor that subject matter experts and other writers can use to create, review, and approve questions for your exam. Easily add images, modify items, and track exam results with our flexible and robust functionality. Integration with Yardstick Itematic™™ to mass-produce multiple-choice questions.


  • Multiple question types (multiple-choice, multiple select, numeric response and constructed response/essay)
  • Formatting options (bold, italics, underline, images, video, tables, bullets)
  • Passage/case scenarios that can be linked with items
  • Scoring rubric for long or constructed response questions
  • Bulk editing and importing Metadata, comments and rationale fields
  • Equation editor
  • Question history and rollback functionality Item enemies

Item banking

Secure and organized storage for your questions is an essential first step to building defensible exams. Manage, review, and grow your item bank as a team with Measure’s™ collaborative workflows.


  • Unlimited item banks
  • Administrative permissions
  • Search options
  • Bulk importing and editing
  • Customizable metadata fields
  • Advanced workflow options
  • Folder-based organization

Candidate management and booking

Make the most of computer-based exam delivery with Measure’s™ automated candidate management features. Candidates can purchase, book, and schedule exams online, access practice tests and tutorials, and receive reminders of upcoming exam dates. Organizations can monitor booking requests, purchase history, appeals, and exam results.


  • Integrated PCI eCommerce system
  • Online scheduling and booking system
  • Integrated candidate tutorials and information
  • Automated stock and customizable email templates for candidate communication
  • Customizable candidate exam reports that can be used for real-time exam monitoring or post-administration appeals

RedPen™ marking workflow

Integrated with Measure™, RedPen™™ helps you mark all formats of constructed response questions, from complex case scenarios to short stems with essay responses.


  • Easy web browser access
  • Progress reporting
  • Notes and comment fields
  • Flexible scoring system (dichotomous and/or polytomous marking scales)
  • Resolve marker conflicts (items in consensus greyed out, items in conflict appear red)
  • Blind grading


Automatic Item Generation: Overcome writer’s block with Itematic™. Writing items for your item bank can be a costly and time-consuming process. Itematic™™ helps you make the most of your budget and build your item bank quickly and efficiently. It works by breaking your question into multiple components based on grammatical structure. Your authors can create and populate templates, generating hundreds of items at once.

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Exam administration

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