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Yardstick provides fully managed, expert software and services to help organizations deliver testing & training online.

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Yardstick Testing

Defensible online testing delivery, psychometric consulting & exam administration services

Use the Yardstick Measure platform, Yardstick Psychometrics and Exam Administration to develop and deliver your defensible, high-stakes exams

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Yardstick Training

Online training solutions & eLearning content development

Use the Yardstick T2 platform and our award-winning eLearning development team for your online training

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Create or revamp your eLearning and training this summer with Yardstick’s eLearning team and we’ll give you a 15% discount!

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Our services have helped hundreds of clients around the world deliver online testing and training solutions.

With millions of users across dozens of industries, Yardstick can help any sized organization with our easy to deploy, fully managed solutions. Whether you are a small business or large organization, we have flexible, scalable solutions that deliver exactly what you need.


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Customer delight heroes

We pride ourselves on being a service company and delivering a world-class customer experience. Our Customer Support Specialists don their capes 7 days a week and are always ready to help, no matter the size or complexity of the task.


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Yardstick takes great pride in the
quality and integrity of our employees

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Yardstick News & Events

  • mLearning versus eLearning. Are they any different?

    • 02-17-2015Tai Munro, Ph.D
    • mLearning is a relatively new word in our industry but is it any different from eLearning? eLearning was on the scene first, so lets start there. Do a quick Internet search and you will find a range of definitions. Some suggest that eLearni...
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Yardstick Blog

  • Certification vs. Accreditation

    • 05-20-2015Natasha Parfyonova, Ph.D
    • What is the difference between certification and accreditation? It is not uncommon for individuals outside of the credentialing industry to use these words interchangeably. Let us clear things up. Certification and accreditation are complet...
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  • “Plain Language” or Just Good Writing?

    • 05-15-2015Jennifer Delisle, Ph.D
    • The comedian George Carlin was known for pointing out crimes committed against the English language. In his essay “Count the Superfluous Redundant Pleonastic Tautologies” he pokes fun at the tendency towards wordiness and inflated langu...
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  • Fairness in Exam Administration

    • 05-11-2015Natasha Parfyonova, Ph.D
    • In my previous blog posts on exam fairness, I provided a definition of exam fairness and explained how certifying bodies can enhance exam fairness during exam development. In this post, I will discuss measures that can be taken to promote f...
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