Blog — September 8, 2020

What Happens When Online Exams Go Unsupervised?

by JD MacKenzie


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A recent study published in the Journal of the National College Testing Association looked at student attitudes toward cheating in proctored and unproctored settings.

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“The results of this study indicate that students are more likely to engage in cheating behaviour in an unproctored environment, as hypothesized.”


  • Participants reported viewing cheating in unproctored environments as acceptable more often than in proctored environments.
  • Researchers also found strong correlations between attitudes towards cheating and actual behaviour. Students who viewed certain behaviours as acceptable were more likely to report doing them.
  • 18% of open-ended responses reflected an attitude that test-takers should use all available resources in unproctored environments, including collaborating with others.
  • An additional theme found in the open-ended responses uncovered an attitude that examiners should proctor exams if they don’t want test-takers to use outside resources.
  • 78% of students surveyed have been encouraged to cheat on an exam.