This Year’s CNAR Presentation: Testing Accommodations for Adults

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Next week at the annual conference held by the Canadian Network for Agencies of Regulation (CNAR), Dr. Isabelle Gonthier will be discussing the topic of test accommodations for adults during a breakout session on Tuesday, October 29th.

This session is open to all CNAR 2019 attendees.

From the CNAR 2019 Program Guide:

Test Accommodations for Adults: Why Certification & Licensure is Different

Test candidates seeking accommodations for C&L exams tend to be adults and many have been out of the educational system for many years. Often, their documentation supporting accommodations requests is outdated and does not provide current information about their functional limitations. The legal landscape is also changing, with less emphasis being placed on verifying a person’s diagnosis, and more emphasis on verifying that a person has a genuine disability.


Finally, accommodations candidates for C&L exams (and their evaluators and/or advocates) often have a different understanding about the purpose of accommodations, which is to provide access to the test, rather than to enhance performance or guarantee a particular outcome. This issue becomes even more complex for exams that have a performance (or practical skills) component.

This session will discuss the unique challenges with evaluating accommodations requests from adults who are sitting for C&L exams, and how this process is different from the accommodations review process for students in an academic setting. The session presenters will offer specific suggestions for evaluating these accommodations requests, as well as guidance on candidate-facing websites and other materials that may help to clarify the process for candidates.

Presented by:

  • Tami Hynes, Chief Executive Officer, Optometry Examining Board of 32 Canada (OEBC)
  • John Hosterman, Chief of Disability & Accessibility Services, Paradigm Testing
  • Isabelle Gonthier, President, Yardstick Assessment Strategies

Tuesday, October 29 from 3:45pm to 4:45pm 

Le Cellier Room, Château Frontenac, Québec City

Language: English

CNAR 2019 Conference Website: