Deliver high-stakes exams anywhere in the world. Literally.

Whether your candidates are down the hall, across the country, or around the world, we secure and standardize their exam experience with the help of online proctoring from ProctorU.

Your candidates will appreciate the flexibility

Offering online proctoring improves access to your exam for all candidates

Flexible scheduling accommodates for busy work and family lives

No travel requirements means candidates save money

Technical support is available before and during exam sessions

Worried about cheaters? They’re the ones who should be worried.

We’ve seen just about everything when it comes to candidates trying to game the system. ProctorU’s solutions include technology solutions coupled with video recording and live proctor intervention. Cheaters don’t stand a chance.


How does it work?

Candidates register online either on-demand or for a future time. Before their exam starts, candidates verify their identity using several options including a student or government ID, facial recognition, and even keystroke biometrics. The candidate’s testing room is then examined for unpermitted materials and their computer is electronically locked down to prevent cheating. At the end of the exam, a video recording is sent to you along with any suspicious behavior flagged for review. Depending on your needs, this process can be fully automated or completely supervised by a live proctor. It can even be somewhere in between.

Online proctoring from ProctorU has four levels of proctoring service to provide the right level of secure test monitoring for your program.

A software-only solution for identity verification and proctorless exam session recording, powered by advanced technology. Institutions are responsible for reviewing all flagged exam sessions. A good option for low-stakes assessments needing to reduce risk.


A software-only identity verification and exam session recording solution, paired with advanced technology & ProctorU professional review to identify and report suspicious behavior, adding an additional level of deterrence for low-stakes assessments.


A live proctored launch, end-to-end recording solution with advanced technology, professional review and incident reporting. By securing the environment prior to testing and reviewing each session to detect suspicious behavior, this is a great solution for lower-to mid-stakes assessments.


Our most secure solution blends advanced technology with human supervision, including a live proctored launch, continuous monitoring, active proctor intervention to stop suspicious behavior, comprehensive reporting and more. Essential for high-stakes programs looking to prevent cheating.


Want to make your high-stakes examination defensible?


Exam design and implementation guided by psychometric science and analysis.

Exam administration

Defensible exam administration, delivered in a secured facility or by remote proctors, from the comfort of your candidates’ homes.

Exam delivery software

Flexible, modern and secure technology designed to align with your brand and strengthen the systems and processes you already have.