COVID-19 Response

Test Center Network - COVID 19 Update

In response to COVID-19 concerns, we have closed our test center network.

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At Yardstick, we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak.

As we are beginning to see some test centre openings, we will be working with clients to gradually offer brick and mortar testing back to our daily assessment clients as early as June, 2020.

With this change, it must be understood that we are only making available those centres who have confirmed availability, and plans in place to maintain COVID-19 reopening policies and regulations.  Each testing location will have their own set of guidelines and we will not be providing details for location.

It is not known when all testing centres will reopen, we are working with the network to adjust as the information comes in.  Some candidates may still not be able to access centres in their desired area, however we are doing our best to open these up while keeping public safety top of mind.  It is also possible that while the testing locations are open and available for testing, they may be running on reduced staff or limited seat capacity and may not be able to offer as many date options as normal.

Our Windowed Administrations are still postponed until further notice as there is not enough availability for us to make this a feasible testing option at this time.

For clients and candidates that use PearsonVUE test centers, please visit their website for more information HERE.  Please note that all PV pages on COVID-19 are in English only.