Core Values

The secret sauce that shapes what it means to be a Yardsticker.

Posted on the walls, behind every decision, at the heart of each client interaction, our core values define who we are.

Our core values are the common language, the shared blueprint for what we do and how we do it. They define how we communicate, set priorities, and approach work each and every day. Fact — Our core values are so important, so fundamental to our culture that our Yardsticker of the Month program is entirely based on employees who exemplify our core values most strongly.

Random acts of kindness

A warm beverage on a cold day. A friendly greeting. Public kudos for a job well done. We take the time to show we care, and the company picks up the tab.

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit

We try new things. We chase innovation. We all have the opportunity, and drive, to make an impact.

A fearless pursuit of excellence

We hustle. We seek out higher quality and greater value. We learn from our mistakes to come back stronger, ready to take on new challenges.

Customer delight heroes

We treat our customers like partners. We build meaningful relationships based on trust, then deliver with uncompromising integrity.

Honest and empowered people

We value straight talk, openness, and collaboration. We challenge one another, push each other to learn and grow, and trust each other to make decisions.

What our staff say