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What Happens When Online Exams Go Unsupervised?

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A recent study published in the Journal of the National College Testing Association looked at student attitudes toward cheating in proctored and unproctored settings. Read the full article here: KEY FINDING: “The results of this study indicate that students are more likely to engage in cheating behaviour in an unproctored environment, as hypothesized.” HIGHLIGHTS: […]

Join us on June 25th!

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Security & Psychometrics for Online Exams Thursday, June 25th  2:00PM (EST) Dr. Beauchamp has over 15 years of experience in applied psychometrics in the Canadian credentialing field. He has a PhD from the University of Ottawa in Experimental Psychology, a BA (Honours) from the University of Ottawa in Psychology and an Accounting Diploma from Canadore College.

Scoring models for polytomous items

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Computer-based exams have long favored multiple-choice question formats due to technological restrictions, but considerable advancements in testing software now allow for more innovative item types to be used, such as multiple select, drag and drop, reorder, matching, true/false, and even long answer essay questions. These item types offer different ways to assess candidates, especially for […]

WEBINAR: Psychometrics: The Yardstick Difference

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Knowing that your exam accurately measures a candidate’s skills or knowledge can be a complicated affair. Psychometrics in the professional testing industry is the scientific process of ensuring measurement tools like exams are accurate and fair. Dr. Isabelle Gonthier, President of Yardstick, will share her knowledge from decades of working in the field of psychometrics […]

What is a Psychometrician Anyways?

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As a young boy growing up in a small logging community in Northern Ontario, I always wanted to be a psychometrician. While my friends dreamed of becoming astronauts, police officers or secret agents, I’d dream of a career in psychometrics, standard-setting, item response theory, job analyses and complex data arrays. That’s what dreams are made […]


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le français suivra* FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ProctorU and Yardstick Assessment Strategies Merge to Form Meazure Learning, Establishing World’s Most Secure Testing Network and Platform Meazure Learning raises more than US$30M in growth capital in conjunction with the merger, enabling additional investments in technology and services BIRMINGHAM, Ala. and OTTAWA, Ont. (January 14, 2020) – ProctorU, […]

Dr. Isabelle Gonthier presents on comparing remote proctoring & test centre supervision at the ABNS Conference in Chicago

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Yardstick Assessment Strategy’s President & COO, Dr. Isabelle Gonthier, is slated to present at the American Board of Nursing Specialities (ABNS) Conference on October 5th. Dr. Gonthier is an industry leader in exploring the impact of remote proctoring on exam validity. The 90-minute presentation is called: How does remote proctoring ‘rival’ test-center exam delivery: An […]

The importance of constructive marking technology

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There are different exam question formats that can be used for credentialing examinations. The most common format is multiple-choice questions. However, some credentialing examinations also use constructed-response questions to assess knowledge, skills, and abilities in their credentialing process. Constructed-responses questions require exam candidates to provide a written answer in the form of a few words […]