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What Happens When Online Exams Go Unsupervised?

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A recent study published in the Journal of the National College Testing Association looked at student attitudes toward cheating in proctored and unproctored settings. Read the full article here: KEY FINDING: “The results of this study indicate that students are more likely to engage in cheating behaviour in an unproctored environment, as hypothesized.” HIGHLIGHTS: […]

The Time Crunch: How much time should candidates be given to take an exam?

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When developing an assessment, two major decisions a credentialing organization needs to make are: how many items will be on the exam, and how much time candidates will be given to complete the exam. These decisions can have a large impact on fairness and validity. Once an exam has been administered, candidates often report running […]

Join us on June 25th!

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Security & Psychometrics for Online Exams Thursday, June 25th  2:00PM (EST) Dr. Beauchamp has over 15 years of experience in applied psychometrics in the Canadian credentialing field. He has a PhD from the University of Ottawa in Experimental Psychology, a BA (Honours) from the University of Ottawa in Psychology and an Accounting Diploma from Canadore College.

Scoring models for polytomous items

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Computer-based exams have long favored multiple-choice question formats due to technological restrictions, but considerable advancements in testing software now allow for more innovative item types to be used, such as multiple select, drag and drop, reorder, matching, true/false, and even long answer essay questions. These item types offer different ways to assess candidates, especially for […]

WEBINAR: Psychometrics: The Yardstick Difference

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Knowing that your exam accurately measures a candidate’s skills or knowledge can be a complicated affair. Psychometrics in the professional testing industry is the scientific process of ensuring measurement tools like exams are accurate and fair. Dr. Isabelle Gonthier, President of Yardstick, will share her knowledge from decades of working in the field of psychometrics […]

Facilitation in the Age of COVID-19: Making the Most of your Online Client Sessions

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COVID-19 has forced many licensure and certification organizations to re-examine the ways in which they approach exam development and consider swapping in-person exercises for online meetings. If current projections around the curve of the virus hold, online sessions may become the norm in organizational life for some time to come. In some ways, this move […]