And the Winners Are… High School Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Video Contest

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  • 2016

Each Year Alberta Labour holds a High School Video Contest, open to grade 10-12 students across the province.

This contest gives Alberta students the opportunity to showcase their creativity through videos that demonstrate safe work practices. The winners are presented at a CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineering) event during NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety and Health) week. The Minister of Labour, Honourable Christina Gray presented the awards this year.

Yardstick has had the honour of providing a volunteer judge for a few years with the Young Workers task force led by the Government of Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety team. This task force includes a variety of stakeholders from industry as well as other ministries and GoA departments.

Judging day is one of my favourite days of the year. It’s actually quite a serious endeavour with the team evaluating many factors such as the OHS message as well as production creativity and the like. More importantly I think the initiative has resulted in some real successes for both our future workers (the talented high school video creators) and for Alberta industry’s overall understanding of the importance of young worker OHS training and education.

The winners are posted on Alberta Labour’s site, and the videos are available to all workplaces for free. The three winners from this year represent videos with strong health and safety messages as well as high quality production values. These videos are a great way to add a little bit of fun to safety toolbox talks. Most importantly, I believe the work done – just from students participating in this contest – will save lives, and probably already has.

Access the winning videos here:

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