Work Safe Alberta video contest: High school students showcase safe work practices

Published on:

May 18, 2016

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Each year Alberta Labour holds a High School Student Video Contest, open to grade 10-12 students across the province

The importance of occupational health and safety, in the eyes of Alberta youth

In our cities and neighbourhoods, on job sites around the world, millions of people will keep us, and themselves, today. In industries that us all – safety, construction, transportation – occupational health and safety training and knowledge can mean the difference between certainty and calamity.

As a longstanding partner of many safety and regulatory organizations, Yardstick has had the honour of providing a volunteer judge for Work Safe Alberta’s annual High School Student Video Contest. The contest invites high school students to submit a video in any style that tells your friends about the importance of occupational health and safety. The initiative has resulted in some real successes for both our future workers (the talented high school video creators) and for Alberta industry’s overall understanding of the importance of young worker OHS training and education.

The three winning submissions from this year represent videos with strong health and safety messages, as well as high quality production values. Along with winners from past years, these videos are posted on Alberta Labour’s site, and could be a great free resource for adding a little bit of fun to your workplace safety toolbox talks and training. More importantly, all the students involved in this contest have had a great introduction to the concepts of workplace safety and wellness, and will be strong advocates for OHS in the next generation of workers.

As always, we’re thrilled to have been part of such a rewarding initiative!

Access the winning videos on Alberta Labour’s website.

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