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Custom branded sites tailored to your company’s image.

Yardstick InSession

Online Classroom Management

Yardstick InSession is the perfect all-in-one solution for your online, classroom, and webinar training sessions, allowing you to seamlessly schedule, deliver and track your training all in one place.

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Examples of T2 LMS Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Your brand is important and we will work with your team to ensure the layout of your site from the login page to the custom emails match your branding identity. Custom sites can be developed in multiple languages to suit your client needs.

Facilitator Area

Tracking training is easy on the Yardstick T2 platform with hundreds of standard features and a simple to use portal for managers.

  • Add and manage users
  • Distribute and approve courses
  • Report on user progress, exam status & more
  • Review certifications and send expiration reminders
  • Purchase additional training

LMS facilitation



Built-In Reporting

From question statistics to user completions, sales tracking and account activity, our built in reporting suite is tracking every aspect of your site’s performance.

One of the key benefits of delivering training online is the instant reporting. The Yardstick T2 platform can generate many reports including:

  • Exam Psychometrics – if a question is being answered wrong 89% of the time, you gain the insight to evaluate the question or the training that led to it.
  • User Progress – track who is in progress, who has completed, how long they spent, what their scores were, and when they completed training. You can filter by program, by date, and by groups of users. You can also export this to Excel.
  • Certification Status – find out who is expired, who is expiring within the next 30 days, or who has recertified. Once you have that report, you can re-grant training or send an email directly from the reporting engine.
  • Sales Reports – track your sales by product, by day, or by the source of the traffic. These detailed insights into how you’re making money can help you better spend marketing dollars and gain meaningful data about conversions.
  • Export Data – export a complete list of all your users or customers, all exam results, or question data into an Excel document.

Digital Badges/Certification Tracking

A Digital Badge is an online representation of a skill or accomplishment you’ve earned. Digital Badges are used to identify and validate a learner’s achievements with additional benefits over traditional paper certificates or PDFs. Represented by a graphical image, Digital Badges are embedded with secure, information detailing the specific learner and the new credential.

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Communication Engine (email and SMS functionality)

Automatic, event-based email and SMS messages can be sent out directly from the Yardstick T2 Platform. These communications can be send out for over 2 dozen different events such as a new user signs up, a new course is granted, an exam or program is started or completed, etc. Messages can also be sent out “on demand” meaning that at any time a facilitator or administrator can send out a ready-made message to an individual or group of users.

SCORM-Compliant eLearning Delivery

We take the complexity out of running an LMS by providing the flexibility to host, deliver and track eLearning in a wide variety of formats.

Here’s a quick sample of the types of content we can deliver for you:

  • SCORM 1.2, 2004 and AICC packages (Flash or HTML5)
  • PDFs, MS Office documents
  • HD Streaming Video
  • Exams
  • Links to other content

All of these items can be added and set up with prerequisites, chapters, minimum times, pass marks, time tracking, and the ability to leave and pick up right where you left off—giving you the power to create truly immersive, seamless and valuable learning for your customers.



Online Exam Engine

The Yardstick T2 platform has a built in exam engine that allows you to create anything from simple quizzes to challenging examinations. Hundreds of features and configuration options make your exam a custom experience.

Full Feature PCI Compliant Shopping Cart System

Our eCommerce system contains a wealth of functionality to help you sell and market your product the way you want.

Product setup is easy to set up and utilize. Some features include:

  • Bulk pricing
  • Shipping tables for hard goods
  • Promotional codes
  • Process in USD, CAD or GBP
  • Built in SEO functionality
  • Conversion tracking for advertising and affiliate partners

More importantly, Yardstick takes your customers’ privacy and security very seriously. We pride ourselves in offering a fully PCI compliant shopping cart and checkout system. PCI compliance requires frequent audits to ensure there are no security flaws within the platform and is the defacto standard of eCommerce security.

Yardstick processes over $10M every year in eCommerce payments in USD, CAD and GBP. With so many transactions going through each day, we have obtained very reasonable rates for this service. This provides cost savings and alleviates administrative work our eCommerce clients.



Content Library

Our content library opens up additional revenue streams for our site owners, providing easy access to market and sell their products.

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