Say goodbye to paper registration forms and multiple tracking systems using Yardstick InSession, which integrates easily with Yardstick T2

Highlighted Features

Easy course management

Multiple location management

Instructor management

Easy scheduling tool

Student registrations

Detailed reporting

Yardstick InSession is our online classroom management system that brings the power of online scheduling, tracking and program management to your fingertips.

Yardstick InSession is the perfect all-in-one solution for your online, classroom, and webinar training sessions, allowing you to seamlessly schedule, deliver and track your training all in one place.

Administrators, students, and organizations training employees can all benefit from Yardstick InSession functionality. With hundreds of features to help you easily manage and automate your training, Yardstick InSession management system has taken into consideration all the specific needs necessary to ensure scheduling training and student registrations are a breeze.

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Yardstick InSession is a versatile scheduling and registration system

It allows administrators to set up courses, locations, instructors, and manage reporting while students enrol, pay, and schedule their inperson, webinar or blended training. Users can navigate the calendar to find sessions in their area at a date and time that is convenient; while instructors easily manage student registration, communication, and documents – all in one place!

Yardstick InSession is a Marketing Powerhouse

Not only will InSession free up your time and resources from the manual work of paper-based registrations, it will do the same for your customers.

With just a few clicks, an organization can have its employees set up for training and view completion records and certification compliance. Instead of having to submit his or her top 3 available dates and then “wait and see”, a user can instantly select a time, date and location to fit his or her schedule, pay for the course and complete the registration process in a single transaction.

The ease of usability for administrators, instructors, companies, and users make Yardstick InSession an effortless addition to your site. The modern look and feel will also bring a new level of confidence to users purchasing training that they have made a cutting-edge choice in their training provider.

InSession and the Yardstick T2 Platform

If you are already a Yardstick T2 platform customer, Yardstick InSession is easily integrated into your existing site, allowing you to start scheduling sessions and registering students immediately and seamlessly. All of your existing users and facilitators will have access to the calendar to register in scheduled events.

Yardstick also has the ability for you to offer “blended” learning programs – a combination of online training and a live event, such as a practical evaluation.

Instructors can ensure that students have finished prerequisite requirements before arriving at the event and communicate directly with registered students.

Classes can be easily scheduled individually, in bulk, or as recurring events. Instead of carrying multiple certifications to the jobsite, students can share their public training profile with employers – a record of all training taken within the Yardstick T2 platform and a place to upload external training certifications.

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