Digital Credentialing and Yardstick

Digital credentials or “Digital Badges” are quickly becoming the standard for tracking and validating skills and achievements.

Individuals in all areas of learning and certification including professional associations, schools, and credentialing / licensing boards can easily track and manage their learning experiences in a secure environment. Digital Badges provide an optimal way of tracking accomplishments and can easily integrate with gamification and online communities.




What is a digital badge and how does it work?

A Digital Badge is an online representation of a skill or accomplishment you’ve earned.

Digital Badges are used to identify and validate a learner’s achievements with additional benefits over traditional paper certificates or PDFs. Represented by a graphical image, Digital Badges are embedded with secure, information detailing the specific learner and the new credential.


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Once a Digital Badge is earned, it is stored and accessible from an online learner account.

Digital Badges can be accessed anywhere and at anytime through a mobile device, enabling the learner to display validated credentials and prove certification instantly.


Digital Badges and the Yardstick T2 Platform

If you are already a Yardstick T2 platform customer you probably already use digital PDF wall or wallet card certificates for proof of certification.

Digital Badges are not meant to replace certificates, but rather, complement certificates, and provide another way to represent new achievements. At Yardstick, we believe Digital Badges will replace certificates in the future, but for now, you should simply offer it as another form of course / skill validation for your learners. When a learner completes a course, a wall / wallet card is issued, along with a Digital Badge for their accomplishment. Simple. Flexible Secure.

Digital Badges represent a number of benefits over standard paper, PDF certificates.

Digital Badges are portable.

Once a Digital Badge is issued, a learner can immediately download the badge to his or her ‘personal backpack’, a space unique to the learner that stores all of their badges from the beginning of time, no matter where or what site they were issued.

Digital Badges are Shareable.

We are proud of our achievements and want to share our milestones with friends and family, employers and co-workers. When a Digital Badge is earned and dropped into a learners account, they are only one click away from sharing their new badge on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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