An easy integration with Yardstick Measure, Yardstick’s enterprise high stakes item banking and exam delivery platform, Yardstick RedPen is here to help!

Features & Benefits

Easy access from any web browser

Simple and intuitive marking

Resolve marker conflicts easy

Progress Reporting

Write notes within the interface

Highly flexible scoring system

Save Time & Money with Yardstick’s RedPen Marking Tool

Currently using constructed response questions on your exams? Thinking about adding constructed response questions? Concerned about the cost and time involvement for these types of questions?


What are Constructed-Response Questions?

Constructed-response questions are assessment questions that require candidates to develop their own answers without suggestions or choices. Marking these types of questions often require markers to sit in a room together and pass paper exams from one person to the next in order to grade each question. It is extremely time consuming and a very costly process. So Yardstick developed RedPen to help our clients mark everything from complex case scenarios to short stems with essay responses. RedPen makes this type of marking easier and more time and cost effective.



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Yardstick RedPen integrates seamlessly with Measure, Yardstick’s enterprise high stakes item banking and exam delivery platform.

Subject Matter Experts create questions in Measure (e.g., multiple choice questions, constructed response, multiple response, etc.) where the items are classified and stored in the secure item bank. These items can then be built into exams within Measure and administered to candidates.


Through a user-friendly interface, marking administrators can easily set up marking teams, workflows, and timelines.

RedPen employs a robust permissions system that only allows each marker to see constructed response questions he/she is permitted to provide marks for. Candidate-identifying information is hidden to ensure grading is ‘blind’ and solely based on criteria outlined in the scoring rubric.

Markers see a simple and intuitive marking interface that guides them through the constructed response answers candidates have provided. In addition, markers can see the progress they’ve made on their marking assignments.

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