Clients of Yardstick Measure can do everything.

From creating and administering low stakes, formative assessments for learning, to practice tests for sale, to high stakes certification/licensure examinations and everything in between. Yardstick Measure is a secure and scalable platform designed to accommodate an assessment of ten students in a classroom, to a certification program assessing ten thousand candidates in order to score and qualify their competence.



Yardstick Measure is user friendly.

For both administrators who build assessments along with candidates who are taking an examination, it’s a breeze to use. Yardstick’s Customer Support team aims to assist our clients every step of the way in exam delivery as well as the configuration and ongoing maintenance of our client’s sites. As such, clients are not required to learn every bell and whistle Yardstick Measure offers, and instead, can focus their expertise on assessment design; where their content knowledge and experience has the most impact on the quality of items and assessments.

Exam Delivery

Yardstick Measure is the premier online exam delivery platform.

It features modern and intuitive user interface designs and state of the art functionality. Yardstick Measure allows for the administration of a range of assessments from low stakes formative assessments to high stakes certification/licensure assessments.

Exam Delivery features:

  • Locked Down Browser (LDB) application that restricts all access to unapproved web sites, external applications and resources (unless authorized)
  • Customizable Candidate Statement of Understanding which candidates must digitally sign prior to starting their exam
  • Copy/paste restriction in the candidate test taking interface
  • Intuitive question navigation
  • Single question presentation to reduce content exposure on screen
  • Ability to access pre-approved resources during an exam (e.g., online calculator, manuals)
  • Ability for candidates to bookmark questions and filter questions that have been bookmarked or that are unanswered

  • Ability for candidate to hide the timer button to enhance a candidate’s test-taking experience
  • Automatic saving of all question responses as the candidate provides answers to ensure that no information is lost in the event of internet disruption or power outage
  • Numerous customizable and stock exam reporting options including diagnostic reports, question by question level feedback, exposure of question rationales, tailored feedback to candidates based on performance (e.g., pass, fail, borderline), and breakdown of performance by competency areas
  • Multiple question types such as multiple choice, short and long answer, True and False, matching, multiple select, all which all for the embedding of multimedia video and imagery
  • Both proctored, virtually proctored and non-proctored exam administration

Item Banking

Storing your questions securely and meaningfully in an item bank is the essential first step on the road to building defensible exams.

Features include: unlimited item banks, administrative permissions, advanced search options, bulk question editing, bulk import of items, customizable metadata fields, advanced item-writing workflow states, folder based organization, multiple question types.


Candidate Management & Booking

From question statistics to user completions, sales tracking and account activity—our built in reporting suite is tracking every aspect of your site’s performance.

Yardstick Measure provides industry leading candidate management and booking functionality to ensure that processes are automated as much as possible to make the most of computer-based exam delivery.

Candidates are able to purchase exams online, book and schedule exams, take practice tests, access tutorial information, and receive reminders of their upcoming exam administration.

Organizations have access to a host of robust administrative features to monitor booking requests, purchase history, appeals, and exam results. Whether you have 50 candidates taking exams or 50,000, Yardstick Measure’s robust candidate management and booking system can meet your specific requirements!

Measure’s candidate management and booking features include:

  • Integrated PCI compliant eCommerce system which allows candidates to purchase practice or high to low stakes exams securely online
  • Online scheduling and booking system which allows candidates to choose preauthorized locations, dates, and times for when they wish to take their exam

  • Integrated tutorials and information that can be accessed by candidates prior to taking their actual examination
  • Customizable candidate exam reports that can be used for real-time exam monitoring or post-administration appeals

Exam Creation

Once all of your high quality questions have been authored, reviewed, and tested, it is time to assemble your exam forms. Assembling, configuring, and organizing your exams is a seamless process with Yardstick Measure.

Exam Creation features:

  • Passing Score configuration including dynamic pass score calculation based on question level Angoff estimates
  • Question review configuration
  • Flexible and rapid exam creation process
  • Static or rules-based exam form creation
  • Multiple print options for exam forms with customizable templates
  • Ability to create static exam forms based on rules based exam
  • Exam form preview which provides detailed ‘as a candidate would see the exam’ view
  • Ability to easily move questions on exam forms or delete questions from exam forms
  • Ability to add breaks to exams
  • Multiple proctoring and booking configuration options
  • Time limit configuration options
  • Automated stock and customizable email templates, which can be sent to candidates upon exam booking



Each report within Yardstick Measure provides robust options for filtering such as selecting date ranges, user reports, and exam history.

Yardstick Measure Reports includes a large range of stock reports including:

  • Exam and Booking History reports
  • Items report
  • Users report
  • Administrator reports
  • Exam notes report
  • Exam responses report
  • Items reports

Item Authoring Workflow

We take the complexity out of running an LMS by providing the flexibility to host, deliver and track eLearning in a wide variety of formats.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), typically used as Item Writers, create high quality questions which get reviewed, approved, and become operational for certification or licensure examinations.

Yardstick Measure was designed to provide a simple to use question editor that SMEs can use to quickly and easily create new questions. Selecting the correct answer, adding images, formatting text, are all at the fingertips of the item author.

Item Authoring features:

  • Question editor for multiple question types such as multiple-choice, multiple select, numeric response, and constructed response/essay items
  • Easy, intuitive question formatting to add bold, italics, underline, images, videos, tables, bulleted lists
  • Adding images and video by dragging and dropping
  • Enter in scoring rubric for constructed response/essay questions
  • Robust equation editor
  • Full question version history with rollback functionality

  • Ability to add comments and rationale to questions for remote, distributed authoring and review
  • Creating unlimited, customizable question metadata schemas and fields
  • Identifying item enemies
  • Bulk editing of questions
  • Item importer to bring in items from other banks
  • Flexible, robust, item development workflow
  • Passage/case scenarios which can be associated with items



Uptime is of utmost importance to us, and we take great strides in ensuring our server architecture supports scalability and high response time. With 256-bit encryptions, disaster recovery protocol, US and Canadian based data centres, and 24-hour monitoring, your data is safe and secure. Our dedicated private cloud and content delivery network make sure all candidates and administrators experience quick content delivery at lightening fast speeds.


Software-as-a-Service Model

Yardstick employs a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to provide our customers with easy and secure access to Yardstick Measure and all of its features, anytime and anywhere.



RedPen helps you mark constructed response questions, making it easier and cost effective. RedPen helps you mark everything from complex case scenarios to short stems with essay responses.

Integrated with Measure, Subject Matter Experts create the questions and store them in the secure item bank. These questions can then be built into exams and administered to candidates.

RedPen’s user-friendly interface allows administrators to set up marking teams, workflows, and timelines. The robust permission system allows each marker to only see the questions he/she has is permitted to grade. All candidate-identifying information is hidden to ensure ‘blind’ grading and is based solely on the scoring rubric criteria.

Download Our RedPen Brochure

RedPen Features

Highlights for Markers

  • Easy access from any web browser allowing for de-centralized remote marking of constructed responses
  • A simple and intuitive marking interface that guides Markers through constructed response answers provided by candidates
  • Progress reporting so Markers can see the progress they’ve made on their current marking assignments
  • Ability to write notes within the interface which can be viewed by Marker Team Leads
  • Highly flexible scoring system that supports dichotomous and/or polytomous marking scales



Highlights for Team Leads

  • Easily able to resolve marker conflicts (aka arbitrations or third reads)
  • Items in consensus are greyed out (do not require attention)
  • Items in conflict are highlighted red (to be resolved by the arbitrator)

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