Regardless of your requirements for exam delivery Yardstick can accommodate your needs.

We deliver exams ranging from 1 hour to over 6 hours in duration that can include breaks, external resources, special testing conditions, virtually any requirements that your testing program needs. As part of our service offering, Yardstick provides ongoing training to proctors and test centres in our network to ensure that the highest quality of professional proctored, testing services are provided to our clients.

Our proctors and exam delivery centres adhere to international best practice standards in proctored exam delivery.

Yardstick and our exam delivery partners strive to provide the highest quality test-taking experience for our client’s candidates. To this end all Yardstick exam delivery centres endeavour to meet or exceed international best practice standards, such as those outlined by the National College Testing Association (NCTA). Yardstick is a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and we ensure that all exam delivery centre locations adhere to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines for Test Centres.

Test Site Management

Our network of over 180 examination centres nationwide provides a clean, comfortable and positive writing environment with high quality computers, stations and workspaces to ensure a good candidate experience.


Yardstick regularly maintains and assists with increasing the quality of each location regularly. In addition to our large network of testing centres, Yardstick also offers “Virtual Proctoring” to those candidates who have trouble locating an examination centre due to remote areas, special accommodation and time constraints. Virtual proctoring is a process whereby a trained proctor can monitor candidates taking computer-based tests from anywhere in the world via a ‘proctor cockpit’. Tests that once required a physical location for a candidate to take a test, with a physical proctor present overseeing the test-taking process, are replaced with an advance test-taking interface, allowing two-way video and audio communication between a candidate and a proctor via a secure high-speed Internet link.

Test-takers are no longer required to commute to a physical test-taking location; the convenience of their home or office provides the infrastructure required to take a secure assessment. Yardstick has formed partnerships with virtual proctoring organizations that offer the state of the art in virtual proctoring techniques. If your organization is interested in this secure yet cost effective proctoring approach please contact us!

Exam Proctoring and Training

Yardstick ensures that all proctors and testing centres meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism during any examination sitting.

Whether it is a high stakes exam, or low stakes exam, the candidate experience is always positive and enjoyable. Every proctor is provided online training for each examination to ensure the specific policies and procedures laid out by the client is understood and presented to each candidate. Training for such examinations is mandatory for all proctors and centres and must be taken each time the exam occurs (even if it has been taken by the same proctor in the past). These training sessions are updated with the newest standards and any changes deemed required by the client and Yardstick ensures our network adheres to these standards.

Yardstick ensures to promote standardized testing environments to facilitate and simplify test site selection process by encouraging a pool of test centres that adhere to these established standards. The training improves communications with the test centres by clarifying roles and expectations for each individual examination that is being proctored as well as this assist to increase the professional stature of the test centre staff, as well as increase the opportunity for those locations to serve additional testing companies in a wide variety of examinations and certifications.

Candidate Communication and Management

Using Yardstick’s examination platform, we can successfully communicate with candidates to assist with the examination process.

The exam delivery department ensures all candidates are provided secure and accurate user account information, details on each examination location date and time of sitting as well as details on the specific requirements for the examination itself. The support provided to these candidates relieves pressure from the client, and increases candidate satisfaction with respect to the examination sitting.

Candidates are able to purchase exams online, book and schedule exams, take practice tests, access tutorial information, and receive reminders of their upcoming exam administration using our Exam Delivery team. Organizations have access to a host of robust administrative features to monitor booking requests, purchase history, appeals, and exam results. Whether you have 50 candidates taking exams or 50,000 Yardstick Measure’s robust candidate management and booking system can handle your requirements!


Exam Security and Protocol Requirements

Ensuring your defensible examination is delivered just as defensible as the exam is of key importance to the exam delivery department.

Our centers and proctors are held to the highest standards such as keeping the testing room strictly monitored and ensuring only authorized personnel are permitted to enter during a test session.


Testing rooms must have a mechanism by which the proctor can monitor the test takers during the examination. All methods of viewing candidates should allow for an unobstructed view of each candidate within the testing room and the proctor must be able to hear everything in the testing room as well. The proctor will ensure that no communication of any kind occurs between the candidates during the examination period and has set regulations surrounding situations such as this.

Candidate identity verification is very important to ensuring exam security, and proctors must verify the identity of each candidate prior to allowing them into the examination room. Government issued photo identification and a booking confirmation email provided by Yardstick validates this. Proctors are expected to scrutinize the ID of each candidate and validate the ID of the candidate against the pre-approved list of candidates to write the exam that date (candidate roster). No other staff or persons are approved to access the examination room.

Once the candidates are writing the exam, the proctor will ensure that neither the candidate nor any other individual will reproduce in any way, shape or form the examination text, graphics, instructions, content or candidate responses. The ratio of proctors to candidates during a testing session should be 1 proctor for every 15 candidates dependent on client policy. The proctor is to scrutinize any material that the candidate is allowed to bring into the testing environment (e.g., scrap paper). The proctor will ensure that all scrap materials are collected at the end of the testing session.

Our proctors are provided with secure login information for our examination platforms and never share amongst candidates or co-works to ensure high security. Only one candidate at a time can leave the testing area to use the restroom. The candidate must sign out with specific time information when he/she left the testing session and when he/she returned to ensure an adequate record of the number & length of breaks is recorded. The security of the examinations is of the utmost importance and the Exam Delivery department ensures the content stays secure.


Customer Delight:

Our Exam Administration Department will ensure that every step of your exam is managed accurately and securely with the candidates and clients best interest.

Our team offers telephone and online support to candidates to ensure availability in answering questions, assisting with understanding of location information as well as examination day protocols and requirements.

Once the hard work is done with preparing the questions and exams for administration day, our department ensures a successful exam experience. The Exam Delivery department will customize a policy and protocol guide for proctor use on exam day, a customized webinar program for training of proctors, as well as documentation required for examination date to ensure a thorough understanding of exactly how the administration went in the eyes of a candidate.

Exam day support is available to all proctors and testing centers to ensure they have highly knowledgeable staff for questions or concerns. These situations are recorded, and registered in a summary for a thorough understanding of the situations that occur, if any at all.


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