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At Yardstick we don’t sell bewildering black boxes that mystify learners or complicate your business. We build elegant, modern solutions that are easy to use and strengthen the systems and processes you already have.



We design defensible and fair exams guided by psychometric science and a vital mission: to ensure your candidates are competent and qualified. From item development through to exam delivery and analysis, our experts reach out to you as partners, ensuring you understand the process and feel supported and engaged through every step.

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Exam administration

Our test administration team is trained in every possible test scenario, from a few candidates to a few thousand, in high-stakes licensure exams and low-stakes quizzes. In one of our 400 test centres or online through secure virtual proctoring, our team delivers a seamless, secure and professional exam experience.

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eLearning development

Yardstick’s eLearning team develops custom online training with learner success in mind. We ensure that your learners finish and retain what they’ve learned by incorporating interactive elements and media, and build principles of instructional design into everything so we can defend your course at every stage.

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Exam delivery software

Yardstick Measure is an elegant, modern and easy-to-use testing software, designed to manage all stages of your high-stakes assessment, from sophisticated item authoring and banking to seamless candidate management and exam delivery. With everything you need at your fingertips, Measure clients can do anything.

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Learner verification

Learner fraud is real. Secure your training with LearnerVerified. LearnerVerified ensures that online courses and exams are completed by the right person. It’s a layer of defensible security that can be added to any course. At any time, within any Learning Management System (LMS).

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Training management software.

We’ve spent years learning and perfecting a training system that is not only easy for your learners, but also for you. Our interface design is simple and powerful, taking you less time to do what you need to sell or distribute your training program.

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