Coveted eLearning Award Received by Protraining, A Division of Yardstick

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Protraining, a leader in innovative online Mental Health and De-escalation Training, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award. This was for Excellence in the Learning category – Best Advance in Custom Content. Brandon Hall awards have been called the “Academy Awards” of Training.
ProTraining developed the program to increase the skills of first responders to de-escalate potentially difficult situations, and to improve interactions with individuals who may have mental health issues.

“Winning a Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award means an organization is an elite innovator within Human Capital Management.” Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group and head of the awards program.

“The award signifies that the organization’s work represents a leading practice in that HCM function, Their achievement is also notable because of the positive impact their work in HCM has on business results. All award winners have to demonstrate a measurable benefit to the business, not just the HCM operation. That’s an important distinction. Our HCM award winners are helping to transform the business.” said Rachel Cooke.

“We know how vital it is that learners are able to identify and practice key skills in de-escalation, positive communication, and empathy, so we turned training on its head and focused on the active use of these skills throughout the training,” said Dr. Yasmeen Krameddine, Post doctoral fellow in the Department of Psychiatry and Subject Matter Export for this online course. “To achieve this, we framed all of the learning objectives around the skills and behaviours the officers need to call on in the field and identified the vital applications to ensure this transfer from training to practice actually happened.”

ProTraining created scenarios using first person video, audio clips from individuals with both mental illness and police interactions and interactive eLearning components. These realistic scenarios showed what officers experience everyday and displayed how interactions can go poorly and gave them the chance to learn and try new techniques to improve outcomes.

“Officers interacting with the public need specific skills to decrease the risk of negative outcomes. This online version offers a unique, engaging and interactive way to not only inform officers about useful skills, but also includes realistic video scenarios allowing them to practice these skills,” said Dr. Yasmeen Krameddine.

About ProTraining

ProTraining creates mental health and de-escalation training focusing on saving lives and preventing violent encounters in police interactions using online and clinformation visit and security professionals in Canada, America, and European Police Organizations. For more information visit Contact if you need custom programs created.

About Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group is a HCM resinfory services firm that provides insights around key performance areas, including Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management.

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